Shall we begin?


Okay, let’s get this out of the way…


Now that I have your attention, I guess an explanation is in order. So…
This blog is here because I happen to believe that the nude form in and of itself is not something to be ashamed of. Regardless of how old you are.
(For the record, I turned 56 in May.)
Now for the wherewithals…
From time to time, I’ll put up images of the nude form–like at the top of this entry. Fact is, nudity is to be admired…not discouraged.


See what I mean? I hope to have a meaningful (& adult) discussion on the topic.
But I can’t do it without input from all of you. So please, let’s keep it clean…so to speak…and really exchange ideas on this.

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  1. I totally agree! I am a big fan of nudity. I truly believe it’s a wonderful part of our nature to admire someone’s skin as who they are. As primitive mammals, we once held value to having the simplest forms of comfort and life. Clothes weren’t a necessity at one point. I wish they weren’t one now.

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